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Salcombe Harbour Water Taxi (Summer Service)

Latest Guidance 19th July 2021:


Following the latest Government announcement as of Monday 19th July 2021, Salcombe Harbour's Water Taxi service will be able to return to full capacity, enabling the service to carry up to 12 passengers where required.


To ease this transition and help prevent the enduring threat of transmission, the Water Taxi will continue to have the shelter covers removed, allowing free air flow amongst the passengers. We also ask that all users of the Water Taxi respectfully distance themselves for others where practicable.


As with many businesses, we are suffering staff shortages due to Test and Trace which has require some of our staff to self isolate, this situation is naturally putting pressure on all of our services. We respectfully ask that users of our facilities understand these pressures and forward plan their day to accommodate extended waiting times.


Whilst you should be able to maintain a social distance afloat on your own vessel, please bear in mind each step of your trip; especially whilst accessing pontoons or landings which might become busier than normal. Our pontoon landings are generally not over 2m wide and, whilst they will be marked and/or signed to help maintain social distancing, they cannot be adjusted in physical size. Their layout does provide for passing places; observe the pontoon you wish to access, give way to those coming ashore on landing bridges and anticipate having to use extra precautions. Please plan ahead, use common sense, and be patient. We will attempt to monitor activity to the best of our ability and may impose limits or restrictions on certain facilities (or busy areas) should their use prove to be a concern.

We ask people to keep in mind that "Freedom Day" and the relaxation / removal of restrictions does not remove the inherent risks that COVID 19 poses and we would appreciate everyone's caution in continuing to have fun yet careful summer.


Harbour Taxi will operate 7 days a week on full shift, 08:00-23:00.


Call the taxi mobile number on 07807 643879 or on VHF Channel 12, they will give you advice on passenger number availability and instructions on how to board and travel with other groups of people.

We ask that any bookings are made direct to the taxi mobile on VHF channel 12. As the situation progresses, the water taxi operations are constantly being reviewed and any changes will be posted via our social media and on the website.


We thank you for your co operation. 

Salcombe Harbour Team


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