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Fresh water is available at Normandy Pontoon and Batson Quay. 


During June, July and August fresh water is available to visiting yachtsmen on the Visitors’ Pontoon in the Bag between 1000 & 1100 daily - harbour staff operate this service via a water barge pressurising the hose reels on the pontoon deck when they are in attendance.


There are two Harbour Authority showers for visiting yachtsmen at Whitestrand, please refer to signage on the doors regarding usage, pin code printed on your receipt.  Alternatively, Salcombe Yacht Club is happy for visiting yachtsmen to use their showers at the Yacht Club situated at Cliff House (Yacht Club Facilities currently closed).


We request that all Harbour users recycle as much or their waste as possible.  Recycling points are located afloat opposite Normandy Pontoon and on the Visitors’ Pontoon in the Bag.  All afloat refuse facilities are for waterborne waste only, anyone dumping waste from properties ashore will be fined.  Shore reception facilities are at Batson adjacent to the Car and Boat Parks.


We separate our waste for recycling:

  • Glass bottles and jars

  • Plastic and cans

  • Paper and cardboard

  • General waste for landfill

  • Waste oil, batteries and clothes shoreside at Batson


Commercial Refuse

Please contact the Harbour Office if you have commercial waste to dispose of.

International Catering Waste

We are required to enforce the rules on handling International Catering Waste landed in the UK.

International Catering Waste (ICW) is any food waste landed from vessels that have operated outside the EU.

If since being in your charge the vessel has travelled outside the EU, you need to speak to a member of the harbour staff on arrival and will need to complete a declaration regarding ICW.

Holding Tank Pump Out

Black water pump out facility is provided free of charge at high water alongside Batson Quay, please contact the Harbour Workshop to arrange.

Lift Out

The Harbour Authority operates a slipway hoist with a lifting capacity of 10 tonnes.  For further information contact the Harbour Workshop.

Scrubbing of Hulls

Boats wishing to scrub their hull should contact the Harbour Office to book a lift.  To minimise pollution within the Site of Special Scientific Interest scrubbing can only take place over the grid at Batson.


WIFI is available in local cafes, bars and the yacht club.


Diesel and Petrol are available from the Fuel Barge, which operates on VHF 6 call sign “Fuel Barge” or 07801798862.


A hoist is available on Batson and Kingsbridge pontoons and will be made available on request. 

Facilities for Sailors with Disabilities - although these are the only dedicated facilities we offer for sailors with disabilities, should you have a special requirement, please let us know and we will try our best to accommodate you.

Marine Services

There are a range of marine services available in Salcombe, many of which advertise in our Harbour Guide

  • Sailmakers

  • Riggers

  • Marine Electronics

  • Marine Engineers

  • Chandlers

  • Boat Builders

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